Less fuel, less emissions, more fun

In delivering a great environmental performance we didn’t want to compromise on your driving experience. We used SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY from the ground up to create a highly efficient small SUV with light yet strong materials.

The transmission is lighter and minimises friction. High tensile steel cuts body weight to improve handling and economy. i-stop turns off the engine when you stop to save fuelenebling the engine to deliver more power with lower fuel consumption.

When you jump in and feel the way it moves, you won’t be surprised Mazda CX-3 is both ultra-efficient and a pleasure to drive.

A step forward with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY

New-generation petrol power plants represent a fundamental rethink of the internal combustion engine, releasing more performance from less fuel.
At the same time, we’ve advanced both manual and automatic transmissions to enhance driving enjoyment and improve fuel economy.