Bring it on

Whatever job you throw at it, BT-50 performs powerfully with plenty of control. The ladder-frame chassis provides reinforcement for maximum rigidity and stability. 

Pull an impressive 3.5 tonne or handle payloads of up to 1,278kg with ease. Whether you choose the 6-speed manual for complete control or the 6-speed auto that allows for smooth manual changes – BT-50 will take on some serious jobs.


High-tensile steel is behind the Mazda BT-50’s durable bodyshell. Exceptionally strong, it also keeps overall weight down.

Enjoy BT-50’s superb on-road and confident off-road performance.


Make the most of generous power with responsive performance. The Mazda BT-50 takes on the toughest challenges with effortless grunt, thanks to advanced common-rail direct injection. A variable geometry turbocharger reduces lag on the gutsy 2.2L, delivering an effortless 110kW and 375Nm of torque. Choose the 3.2L, and you get 147kW with a whopping 470Nm.


Boosted by a variable geometryturbocharger to reduce lag,the 2.2L engine delivers 110kWand 375Nm using just 7.6L/100km(manual).


Feel the grunt of a five-cylinderengine with common-rail directinjection and intercooling. Pumpingout 147kW and 470Nm of torquefrom 9.3L/100km (combined), youget effortless muscle for every task.