Still think you’re in a bakkie?

Mazda BT-50 makes it hard to believe you’re in a bakkie.
The interior is decked out with quality trims and finishes. Useful driver tech like trip computer, cruise control and wireless connectivity give you office-like mod cons.

Spend time in BT-50 Double Cab and you might think you’re driving the family sedan. You’ll love the comfort during long days at work or the drive home from weekends away.

Steering-wheel Controls

Conveniently adjust the volume of music and phone calls from the steering wheel of your BT-50

Glove Box

Room to move

While BT-50 boasts a generous cargo box in the back, you’ll be surprised how much smart storage can be found around the cabin too.
Tuck your gear away in the split-level centre console space, or the sizeable glovebox that swallows a 16-inch laptop.
Drinks and sunnies have their own dedicated spaces, keeping them within grabbing reach on every trip.